force calculations for crushing a can

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  • O-Ring Squeeze? Why More is Not Always Better

     · In fact, the compressive load force rises much faster beyond 30 percent squeeze. An O-ring requires almost two and a half times more load force to compress to 40 percent than it does to 25 percent. This level of compressive load could crush or deform lightweight or fragile mating components. O-ring materials

  • Equal Spacing NOT Required for Speed from Crush …

    calculated force for the Bullet vehicle for a given set of A-B stiffness values. For the Target Vehicle Option 1 it can be seen that the Equally spaced measurements shave off a bit of the crush volume between measurements 1 & 2, 2 & 3, and 3 & 4, with the measurements progressing from …

  • Hydralic Cans Crusher Calculations

    Hydralic Cans Crusher Calculations. Prompt : Caesar is a famous mining equipment manufacturer well-known both at home and abroad, major in producing stone crushing equipment, mineral separation equipment, limestone grinding equipment, etc. Our company is specialized in manufacturing calculations for jaw rock breaker, Our rock crusher capacity ...

  • Crushing Can Experiment : Effect of Atmospheric Pressure

     · Crushing Can Experiment Calculations. ... How much force does it take to crush a full soda can? Soda cans are generally encompasses of aluminium to keep its structure solid and strong enough to withhold the outside pressures. A regular soda can bears 80 pounds-90 pounds of pressure per every square inch. According to the research studies ...

  • Hydraulic Force

    The force produced on the opposite of rod side (2) - can be expressed as. F 2 = P 2 (π d 2 2 / 4) (2) where . F 2 = rod force (lb, N) P 2 = pressure in the cylinder (opposite rod) (psi, N/mm 2) Hydraulic Force Calculator Imperial Units Pressure acting on rod side

  • What is the amount of the force I need to crush an ...

    250 lbs Crushing usually implies a compression failure. Assume you apply a perfectly centred and distributed force to the end of the can then 250 lbs per chymist , at least in 1994 using state of the art can technology. I was going to take ...

  • AMIT 135: Lesson 5 Crushing – Mining Mill Operator Training

    Calculation of reduction ratio in crushing [image: (135-5-3)] Crushing Equipment The selection of the right crushing equipment is influenced by many factors some of which are upstream of the crushing plant (e.g. blasting pattern and mining method) and others which are downstream of the crushing plant (e.g. mill and grinding circuit selection).

  • Pneumatic Cylinders

    Example - Single Acting Piston. The force exerted by a single acting pneumatic cylinder with 1 bar (10 5 N/m 2) and full bore diameter of 100 mm (0.1 m) can be calculated as. F = p π d 2 / 4 = (10 5 N/m 2) π (0.1 m) 2 / 4 = 785 N = 0.785 kN Air Cylinder - Pressure/Force Diagram

  • Calculate force to crush pipe. | Physics Forums

     · Diameter = 0.5". Wall Thickness = .0625". Material = Steel. i think you are looking for the "yield strength" after which point deformation to the pipe is permanent. You need an accurate description of the type of steel and it''s modulus of elasticity. I''d assume the force per pipe is 3,000lbs/4 plates/30 pipes per plate = ~29 lbs.

  • Rock Crushing Rule of Thumb

     · For a very large jaw crusher or a gyratory crusher, it can take nine months. Source: Jim Redpath; The desired grizzly opening for an underground jaw crusher is equal to 80% of the gape of the crusher. Source: Jack de la Vergne; The maximum feed size for a jaw crusher should be about 85% of the gape. Source: Arthur Taggart

  • How to Crush a Can with Air Pressure: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

     · You can crush a soda can using nothing more than a heat source and a bowl of water. This is a great visual demonstration of some simple scientific principles, including air pressure and the concept of a vacuum. The experiment can be performed by teachers as a demonstration, or by mature students under supervision.

  • impact force calculation for crusher

    calculate hammer crusher impact force - calculation hammer crusher impact force you are here home calculation of impact force crusher screen plate how to calculate force of impact ehow. 30 apr 2014 Chat Free calculated impact force on crusher - c GET PRICE; Impact Force - Engineering ToolBox. The impact force can be calculated as.

  • Force on Driver in Example Car Crash

    Force on Driver in Example Car Crash. For the car crash scenario where a car stops in 1 foot from a speed of 30 mi/hr, what is the force on the driver? Assume a 160 lb (mass = 5 slugs) driver. If firmly held in non-stretching seatbelt harness: Stopping distance 1 ft.

  • Crush strength calc for short steel member

     · RE: Crush strength calc for short steel member. Bribyk (Mechanical) 2 Apr 09 09:25. Local buckling of the tube wall, like crushing a pop can, may be your failure mode. The numbers sound high but, assuming a 50ksi yield strength, your tensile yield load would be about 162 kip and, if it doesn''t buckle locally, it should hold more in compression.

  • Simulating Top load, Squeeze load and Crush load for ...

     · The crush load goes beyond the top load simulation, and continues the calculation where the top load stops. Normally the top load analysis shows the force versus displacement graph, and at the point the force is decreasing, the analysis stops. For the crushing load we can continue the analysis to see how the bottle is folding or buckling.

  • Calculators – Roscoe Moss

    Well Production at AWWA Standard of 1.5 feet per second: To calculate the flow in gallons per minute per foot of screen, first calculate the percentage of open area of the screen, then use that result to calculate the flow. Determine the open area for the type of …

  • Crushing Can Experiment : Effect of Atmospheric Pressure

    Design and Fabrication of - ijirset

  • Impact force calculation

     · I''ve found some examples of such calculations in FEA applications but they can be divided into 2 groups: - very basic method (and results seem to be incorrect as it''s hard to assume the impact duration time) : F=m*a, a=v/t. - very complicated methods used in car crash mechanics, I don''t want to go so far with this.

  • Bearing Load Calculation

    transmission of dynamic force. These can theoretically be mathematically calculated, but calculation is difficult in many cases. A method of calculating loads that act upon shafts that convey dynamic force, which is the primary application of bearings, is provided …

  • How to calculate load imposed on tube by winding string ...

     · force. This allows one to calculate the force that is applied to the circumference of the drum easily I would suspect. The crushing force per unit length of the drum would then known. I am sure that the hoop strength of a cylinder is pretty easily calculated as well. So now one has the boundary, that would be the easiest way to crush the drum.

  • Design and Fabrication of

    Design calculations Force required to crush the plastic bottle Force required to crush the Soda/Pepsi Can So, we considering maximum of it. Torque, T = F × r Where, r is radius or length of the crank. F is required crushing force. Power is given by, P =Tω/60 T is torque required ω is angular velocity = 2πN/60 Where, N is speed of the crank.

  • Pascal''s Principle and Hydraulics

     · This system can be thought of as a simple machine (lever), since force is multiplied.The mechanical advantage can be found by rearranging terms in the above equation to. Mechanical Advantage(IMA) = D1/D2 = A2/A1. For the sample problem above, the IMA would be 10:1 (10 inches/ 1 inch or 10 square inches / 1 square inch).

  • If we know that an empty soda can is crushed when ten 25 ...

    That''s a good question. It seems very straight forward, but it isn''t as straight forward as one might think. At first glance it seems like an impulse and momentum problem with a perfectly plastic impact. But, impulse and momentum both depend on th...

  • Gasket Compression Pecentage Calculation

     · Calculation: Load / Area = 720lb / 72 in² = 10 lb/in². Compression: From the Compression Force Deflection Curve, HT-800 will compress approximately 30%. (Note: compressing more than 50% may rupture cells and damage material) For applications assistance or more information about material selection or engineering questions, including ...

  • Bolt Torque & Preload Calculator | MechaniCalc

    The Bolt Torque & Preload calculator can be used to calculate the torque required to achieve the desired preload on a bolted joint. See the reference section for …

  • Car Crash

     · Again, after using the car crash calculator, you can obtain the average impact force of about 2.5 kN that is almost 25 times smaller than without the seat belt. It corresponds to the weight of 1.24 tons. The stopping time lengthens to 48 ms, and now, the driver decelerates "only" 18 times faster than with Earth''s standard gravity g.

  • Fabrication of an Aluminium Machine

    Therefore, using in such places proves to be advantageous. 1.2 Objective: The main objectives of the project are- i) To fabricate a simple and easy to use machine involving low cost of construction and easily movable from one place to another. ii) To reduce the volume of the cans at least 70%. 1.3 Working:

  • Crusher Efficiency Calculations

     · Considering a 30-in. diameter roll crusher the maximum size particle that can be nipped with the roll crusher set at 1 in. according to this Equation is F = 0.085(15) + 1.0 = 2.28 in. <3½ in. feed. It will take larger than a 40-in. diameter roll crusher.

  • Analysis of the Single Toggle Jaw Crusher Force ...

    The analysis can also be used to determine the forces that are sustained by each of the components of the single toggle jaw crusher mechanism, provided that the values of the input torque and load torque are known. An expression for the force transmission ratio of the single toggle jaw crusher …

  • Comparing Strain Gage Measurements to Force …

    January 27, 2016 [COMPARING STRAIN GAGE MEASUREMENTS TO FORCE CALCULATIONS IN A SIMPLE CANTILEVER BEAM] 4 | P a g e MQP, Hazel Figure 1 – Stress/Strain graph showing elastic and plastic region (Davis) Stress When a body is loaded with a force, the material must compensate for this load by altering the shape of

  • Crushing Can Experiment : Effect of Atmospheric Pressure

     · Crushing Can Experiment Calculations. ... How much force does it take to crush a full soda can? Soda cans are generally encompasses of aluminium to keep its structure solid and strong enough to withhold the outside pressures. A regular soda can …

  • US4290354A

    A crusher assembly which includes a base having a first and second shelf portion extending therefrom, at least one guide rod interconnecting the upper and lower shelf portion, a presser member slidably mounted on the at least one guide rod for movement between a first open position for receiving an object to be crushed and a second compression position, a pin member connected to the presser ...


    crusher as this distance is the critical parameter for maintaining the crushing force [1]. The Centre distance is fixed in such a way that the torque is more and the speed of the rotation is less. By increasing the Centre distance higher force can be obtained and motor running speed can be reduced.

  • file by Rohit Dhiman

     · A force can change the volume of an object. Some objects are not very compressible. In caseof s, if the volume inside the can is higher, then more force is required to crush a can but if the volume inside the can is less, then less force is required to crush a can.

  • Calculate force required to crush a tube

     · Calculate force required to crush a tube Calculate force required to crush a tube smithtasticness (Industrial) (OP) 18 Nov 20 10:11. I have some tube (see above & ignore the fact that it''s bent for now) and I''m trying to find out how I can calculate the force …

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